Story number 4 for 19 Apr 2001

By April 19, 2001

(Greece)–Meanwhile, Christians in the west are being encouraged to get involved in Summer Olympic outreach a little bit early. AMG International is in the process of building a transformation center for outreach during the 2004 Summer Olympics in Greece. AMG’s Paul Jenks. “We’re hoping to have a conference center there with facilities that will be able to not only organize the outreach at the time of the Olympics, but also to host visitors and workers. So, we’re in the process of organizing work teams and trying to raise the funds that are needed to build the facilities that we need.” Jenks says it won’t be an empty investment because the facility will be transformed into one of the only Christian schools in that country. He says it’s a great need. “You can hardly walk past a newsstand without blushing. Pornography is openly displayed. It’s just such a secular mindset that the Gospel is desperately needed there.”

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