Story number 4 for 19 Feb 2001

By February 19, 2001

(International)–Meanwhile, Farms International is looking for some key young missionaries to help lead the needy to Christ all around the world. Farms International’s Joseph Richter says the ministry is now operating in eight countries. However they’re not just doing agricultural work. “We call this micro-enterprise which might incorporate sewing, tailoring, carpentry, welding, manufacturing as well as the things that we do in agriculture. Generally we work through the local church to become self-supporting and reliant upon God for their resources to do evangelism.” However, they’re unable to expand into other countries because: “…we’re finding that even at the level we’re at right now, we’re under staffed. But, that the problem that you have when you’re small you can’t afford just to hire staff. So, we’re looking for some of the right people to come on board. And, maybe for funding.”

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