Story number 4 for 19 Jun 2003

By June 19, 2003

(Africa)–Meanwhile, Christians are needed for Great Commission work on the continent of Africa. That’s the message from the President of CB International Hanz Finzel, who recently completed a month long trek across the continent. He says new missionaries are heading elsewhere. “The 10/40 Window’s been real popular, of course Asia and the whole Chinese world. You know, back when I was a missionary is was Eastern Europe. In some ways Africa is the forgotten continent. So, we’re really praying that God will just raise up a new army of people who are burned to go to Africa because the needs are so great.” Finzel says CBI is doing more than evangelism and church planting. They’re helping physically. “You’ve probably heard the statement; ‘I can’t hear what you’re telling me because my belly is screaming so loud with hunger.’ If you look at what the Lord Jesus did as He walked the earth, He spent more time touching people than talking to people.”

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