Story number 4 for 20 Apr 2001

By April 20, 2001

(Mexico)–Meanwhile, Insight For Living, the international Bible Teaching radio ministry of Chuck Swindoll, is seeing incredible response to its radio program in Mexico. David Hormachea is the voice of the Spanish broadcast called Vision Para Vivir. He says, incredibly, they’ve purchased time on an AM radio station. “For many years in Mexico, (it) has been closed to broadcasting Christian programs. And, after an opening we had the opportunity to start broadcasting from Mexico City and literally reaching millions of people.” Hormachea says the program is beginning to mobilize the Mexican church for evangelism. He says a special conference is being planned. “I am invited to Latin America to have conferences. And, I’ll be in August in Mexico City, we are going to have leadership training in Mexico City and we are waiting for thousands of people.”

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