Story number 4 for 20 Jun 2001

By June 20, 2001

(USA)–Next, a week after inundating Houston, the remnants of Tropical Storm Allison continue to wreak havoc. Allison has been blamed for at least 39 deaths along its path from Texas. Rains flooded the Houston area, forcing thousands from their homes and causing an estimated two-billion dollars in damage. The International Bible Society’s Mike Richards. “We’re bringing in ten-thousand Scripture pieces that are specifically for victims of natural disasters; and, that will be coupled with Lysol, blankets, bottled water, other types things that are going to be needful in a humanitarian way.” Richards adds that the strength of the Christian testimony is seen through the church’s response during this crisis. “What you see is the coming together of churches in the Houston area to reach out. Churches are sending work teams to go in and begin to help people. We know that God will really use this to speak to the hearts of people here in Houston.”

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