Story number 4 for 20 Jun 2002

By June 20, 2002

(Mexico)–Elsewhere, poverty in Mexico is often exacerbated by drug abuse. A growing segment of the adult population in a village near Mexicali is struggling with drug addiction. Many of these families have several children, who are becoming a significant at-risk group. For YUGO Ministries, that’s opened another door for outreach. YUGO’s Wayne Freeland. “These children are only cared for by the oldest child in the family unless they are involved with our ministry there. Sharon Nelson is actually attempting to reach out to the needs of the community. She is caring for about 25 children.” Freeland says aside from meeting the physical needs of these children, their church-planting ministry is also working to direct the parents to a life-changing hope. “The need, of course, really is one that these people would come to salvation in Christ, and then from there, be able to be discipled by the church and begin to meet the parenting needs of those children, themselves.”

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