Story number 4 for 20 Nov 2002

By November 20, 2002

(USA)–Meanwhile, a special conference is underway that will clear the path for the spread of the Gospel around the world. JAARS, which speeds Bible translation for Wycliffe Bible Translators and others, is hosting Wycliffe’s Computer Technical Conference. Wycliffe’s Brian Chapaitis (chah-PY-tuhs) helped organize it. “Technology moves so fast that we need to bring these people back from the field so that they can get a cross pollination of ideas. Many of them are working on similar tasks, but they’re so isolated that they don’t know what their neighbors are doing. This is an opportunity also to train many.” Chapaitis says these types of conferences will help with their Vision 2025 plan. “We would like to see a start of the Bible translation process in all of the remaining languages of the world. That’s a God-sized task. So, that’s the big prayer that we have as a group. If you would like a career in Bible translation, no matter what your skill, we can use you.” They need volunteers as there are three-thousand languages still without Scripture.

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