Story number 4 for 21 Aug 2001

By August 21, 2001

(USA)–Meanwhile, a U-S based mission agency is doing more to educate the Christian public about missionary work around the world. Medical Ambassadors International’s David Walton is building a global village in Indiana. “We’ll have homesteads from Africa, Southeast Asia, from Central Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America. This would be a great place for people who are younger. It could help them to focus a bit more as they’re looking and preparing to serve God and help people in other parts of the world.” According to Walton, the program won’t just be an education on culture, but technology in the field. “A lot of what we do is take existing technology and experience and bring it together and making it available to those working in the field. And, then also, to make known opportunities for people to serve in the field as well. To be the bridge.” Medical Ambassadors is looking for churches to help sponsor this unique mission training endeavor.

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