Story number 4 for 21 May 2002

By May 21, 2002

(International)–Next, sharing one’s faith can be an intimidating experience, especially when struggling to find an identity. However, Youth Evangelism Explosion’s Sandy Nicolosi says when a young adult understands who they are in Christ, the rest comes naturally. Nicolosi says the purpose of an E-E program, geared specifically for young people, is the future. “We train teenagers how to share their faith. We also equip them to be able to train one another, after they get trained, so that they can take the Gospel places where youth pastors and youth workers will never go.” Nicolosi says they are encouraging young people to catch the vision for the Great Commission. She adds that they want the adults to share that passion. In her opinion, that is where prayer support is needed. “The greatest challenge is convincing youth pastors, youth leaders, youth workers what the significance of training young people in the Gospel is.” Training clinics are being formed now. For details, call our resource line, 1-800-995-4828.

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