Story number 4 for 21 Sep 2001

By September 21, 2001

(USA)–Meanwhile, Send International is looking for some professionals to help them spread the Gospel in rural Alaska and Canada. Send International’s Barry Remple says since they’re not able to place a missionary in each village, Christian professionals can help. “We’re looking to place, not only Christian school teachers, but also medical people, village safety officers. Those people are doing their job, but also building relationships for the purpose of sharing Christ with these people. And so, we really see it as a church planting team.” Remple’s prayer is simple. “We need to pray that God would send out workers. It’s not an easy decision. It’s something that God is going to do as he works in people’s hearts. We’re just trusting God and asking people to pray that we would see whole villages turned around for Jesus Christ.”

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