Story number 4 for 22 Jan 2003

By January 22, 2003

(Germany)–Next, the evangelical church in Germany continues its revival, after surviving a dead period over the last decade and a half. The new growth is creating a need for more church leaders. However, Greater Europe Mission’s Adam Gascho explains there is a void in church leadership for the next generation, one that has largely gone unanswered, which is where their project comes in. “There’s very few fulltime paid youth workers here. Most churches have maybe a senior pastor, if the church is large enough, but, don’t have youth workers. So, our goal really is to help create healthy youth ministries within churches.” Gascho says this project is one that could jumpstart the growth of the evangelical church in Germany. “That’s how we’re going to reach the German youth is through leadership multiplication. If we can invest in Germans who will then, in turn, invest in other Germans in the area of youth ministry, God’s going to do some amazing things here in Germany.”

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