Story number 4 for 22 May 2000

By May 22, 2000

Next, while crises continue to plague many other parts of Africa, we focus our attention on Mozambique. Devastating floods ravaged the area several months ago, but, according to Operation Blessing International’s Dick Kohl, the problem hasn’t really gotten better. “They have lost one rotation of their crop-planting season, and although some of the crops will get in, there are large portions of the irrigable farmland that will not be able to have a crop for this rotation. So, they’re going to need sustained assistance until at least November when the next crops can come in that they’ll be able to take care of themselves. Kohl adds that: “We need to remember our Christian brothers and sisters and those who don’t know the Lord yet and we need to intercede on their behalf. People need to go to their organizations that are working there and provide the assistance that they need in the form of funds, that will allow them to meet the continuing needs of people in areas like Mozambique and Ethiopia.”

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