Story number 4 for 22 May 2002

By May 22, 2002

(China)–Meanwhile, international schools in Mainland China are seeking accreditation from the Association of Christian Schools International. Recently, ACSI’s Dan Egeler traveled there with a secular accreditation agency to look at four schools. Egeler says what happened next wasn’t expected. “One part of the trip we were doing some touristy things and our tour guide realized that the gentleman I was working with wasn’t a Christian. So, we had dinner that night and as we were sitting around the table she turned and looked at him directly and shared her personal faith in Jesus Christ. Here’s an American visiting the country of China, hear the Gospel from a Chinese national – just an amazing experience.” Pray that seeds of the Gospel will take root in his life. Egeler is also asking people to pray that Christian teachers would be called to China. “I thinks for the schools in China they are looking for teachers, so I pray for God’s anointed that would go to the front lines – educators and serve in that capacity.”

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