Story number 4 for 22 Nov 2002

By November 22, 2002

(International)–And finally, Christian business leaders are needed to help spread the Gospel in countries that are closed to the Gospel. Evangelistic Commerce helps missions minded business leaders infiltrate some of these countries. EC’s JP Anderson. “A lot of countries are becoming a lot more selective on who they allow in their country, using tactics that prohibit the spread of the Gospel. And so, we as a church have to look at ways that we can continue to present the Gospel to those who have not heard. How can we be a part of that redemptive solution? We happen to think that business plays a role in that.” Anderson says they’re hosting a special trip in January to help business leaders play a part in the Great Commission. “Business professionals will go to a country that is highly industrialized, but is very restricted. And, we will show ways that business and missions are interacting and how they can play a role.”

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