Story number 4 for 23 Mar 2001

By March 23, 2001

(USA)–Meanwhile, Bible Pathway Ministries is gearing up for another year of Bible Reading Marathons around the world. International Bible Reading Association’s Barbara Bivins says more than 500 Bible Reading Marathon’s are planned this year. She says many of them will be held in the United States just before the National Day of Prayer. “Most of the Bible Reading Marathons will be begin on either Sunday the 29th, or Monday the 30th of April and continue right up to the beginning of the National Day of Prayer which is usually held early afternoon on the first Thursday in May.” Bivins says Bible Pathway Ministries can help start these programs in your community, which Bivins says can’t help but reach people with the Gospel. “The main thing is to get people into God’s word and that in turn causes the evangelization of communities and what not. And, so many people are reached by just knowing these things are going on.” Go to www-dot-BiblePathway-dot-org for more information.

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