Story number 4 for 24 Dec 2001

By December 24, 2001

(USA)–Our attention turns next to D & D Missionary Homes in Florida. This year’s events have taken their toll on missionary support worldwide. It is widely known that September 11 has seriously affected funds to non-profit groups. In that manner, finances have hampered mission workers attempts to get to their fields, or support others.
D & D’s Phil Fogle. “They can’t travel to some of the churches they had planned to travel to. They can’t continue to support some of the ministries in their home countries, because they don’t have the finances here.” Fogle says the trickle effect is substantial. Still, they’re moving forward. “The key to the whole thing is faith in prayer. I think oftentimes, we, as people, don’t go in faith to the Lord. We just go make routine requests to the Lord, without strongly believing that God is going to answer our prayer and wants to answer our prayer.”

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