Story number 4 for 24 Sep 2001

By September 24, 2001

(International)–We turn now to India, the focus of Ramabai Mukti Mission’s outreach. Mukti’s David Scott says they’re looking forward to some exciting things that could help expand their work. Scott says they’re bringing all their staff together in November for their first-ever training conference during the Hindu festival “Diwali”. “As a result, the children will be going home, so the staff will be free. What we want to do is teach them more of the fundamentals of the Word, how to share their faith, learning how to disciple people, personal times with God, victorious Christian living.” Scott says some of their sessions will also deal with personal testimony, temptations and the challenges of working in the field. He says many of their workers need support. “Prayer is crucial. …that the evil one will be bound, that the Holy Spirit would be able to clearly communicate, that we’d be able to encourage the staff. Pray that we could refresh them, and also, better prepare them for the work that they have to do.”

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