Story number 4 for 25 Aug 2003

By August 25, 2003

(Bangladesh)–Meanwhile, FARMS International’s Joseph Richter details one of their exciting projects in South East Asia involving irrigation pumps. He says the venture helps several Christian families at a time to irrigate their farms. In turn, water becomes the field for sowing the hope of Christ. “Because there’s an adequate amount of water during the dry season, to flood other fields in the vicinity, unbelieving neighbors are also given water, but they are charged a small rental fee for the water, and are happy to pay it.” Richter says oddly, the rental fee sets the stage for outreach in the community. “It opens up a relationship that’s on an equal level between the recipient and the one with the water. It also has given an opportunity to share the Gospel. I think what opens the hearts of these people is the fact that they (Christians) wouldn’t have to help.”

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