Story number 4 for 25 Feb 2003

By February 25, 2003

(Lesotho)–Next, Lesotho (leh-soo-too) is among a group of six African countries faced with the monumental challenges of food shortage, disease and drought. The United Nations calls the plight of the people a ‘humanitarian crisis’ and is asking for more help. Mission Aviation Fellowship’s Jon Lewis says while some areas are difficult to fly supplies into, this south African nation is a different story. “The one place where we are doing quite a bit at the moment is in the country of Lesotho, which is right in South Africa. We have a very extensive program there because it’s very mountainous.” Lewis explains their work makes sure mission groups have supplies in the region, which, in turn, helps them meet spiritual needs. “They are beginning to feel the effects of the drought in that particular area. I heard reports of us starting to take not only food supplies, but also, continuing to do the medical work in that area too, through the “Flying Doctors” program.”

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