Story number 4 for 25 Jan 2002

By January 25, 2002

(South Korea)–And, Christian schools are being used to point people to Christ in South Korea. Voice of China and Asia’s Ruth Kramer says they have a very successful school that’s seeing many young people turn to Christ. “We have a big junior/senior high school that has about 7,000 students in it. About 90-percent of them are Buddhist when they come to us, but when the leave they’re about 90-percent Christians. Not only they, but their families.” Kramer says they also operate a seminary in a local church with about 100 students. Kramer explains one of their goals. “Their goal is to go into North Korea and evangelize North Korea – training enough pastors to go into North Korea when it opens. And, that’s a whole new mission field really.” Voice of China is raising money to expand the seminary program so more pastors can be trained. Kramer says the current facility isn’t able to keep up with the demand.

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