Story number 4 for 25 Jun 2001

By June 25, 2001

(Romania)–Next, Romania suspended international adoptions late last week, following an unfavorable report from a European Union envoy that accused the country of “selling” its children. The resulting backlash has caused several setbacks for Bethany Christian Services’ adoption program. Bethany’s Tom Jackson. “There are a lot of Romanians that thoroughly disagree with closing the adoptions because many, many thousands of children over this time will not be able to find families. This means that many adoption agencies will have to redirect their families to other countries.” Jackson says groups like theirs, along with the government, harshly criticized the report for overlooking their progress. He says the incident won’t stop their other social works. “We have staff in Romania around the country in key locations. We’re constantly trying to connect with churches to ask for their support and ask for their prayers.”

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