Story number 4 for 26 Apr 2000

By April 26, 2000

Meanwhile, street children of northern Brazil will be the focus of a new ministry outreach for UFM International. Missionary Frank Dearmore is preparing to go to the city of Belem (behl-ehm’). He says the need to reach street children with the Gospel is great. “Brazil only has about 2.5-percent of the world’s population. But, at the same time they have in the neighborhood of 10-percent of the world’s street child population in North Brazil. In particular, it is a very different world than south Brazil and most of the ministry that has been done with street children have been concentrated in the south.” Dearmore, who’s staying at D & D Missionary Homes in Florida, says it’s a “one-child at a time” type of evangelistic approach. “They need love. They need touch. And, so, when you can establish that kind of relationship with them, then I think they’re widen open to come to know the one who will give them unconditional love in any circumstance and that of course is Jesus Christ.”

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