Story number 4 for 26 Jun 2003

By June 26, 2003

(Ghana)–Next, the need for clean drinking water continues to provide an open door for sharing the Gospel message. Living Water International’s Allen Fulton says they are responding to the massive need in West Africa. “We are not only able to give the water to drink but we’re also able to give the best living water that there is and that’s to be able to present the Gospel. It’s like an open door when we say we’d like to drill you a water-well but we would also like to tell you something that is even more fulfilling than a glass of water.” Living Water reaches many communities in Ghana, but it’s not enough. Fulton explains the scope of what needs to be done. “We’ve drilled about 28 completed projects here and we’ve only been able to touch the lives of maybe 14-thousand people and we’re looking at 7.2 million people that are without good water and probably over 90 percent of the 7.2 I’d say, need to be reached for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” West Africa is in its rainy season now, so team members must bide their time waiting for better conditions and supplies before proceeding.

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