Story number 4 for 26 May 2000

By May 26, 2000

And, American Leprosy Missions is announcing a new spokesman for their organization. Sue Renault, director of communications, says they are honored to have 88-year old Art Linkletter join them in their global fight against leprosy. “Mr. Linkletter has a long history of involvement in religious and humanitarian causes around the world. He has traveled with UNICEF and with World Vision, and has seen, up close and personal, the effects of poverty and leprosy upon people.” Linkletter will help the 96-year old organization promote their cause through mail, radio and TV programming. “Later this year, or perhaps the beginning of next year, we’ll be doing a new television documentary and Art Linkletter will be the host of that documentary. So, when people flip their dials and come across a story about leprosy and about American Leprosy Missions, the person who will be hosting that story will be Art Linkletter.” ALM works to share Christ’s love through restoring people with leprosy, in spirit and body.

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