Story number 4 for 26 Sep 2000

By September 26, 2000

Next, an evangelical group is asking people to pray for the salvation of Japan’s crown prince Naruhitu and Princess Masako. Manmin World Mission’s Johny Kim just returned from that country where evangelistic meetings were held. He says the Royal family is highly respected. He says if that family came to Christ it would encourage many. “The Emperor is very important to the Japanese people. So, if Naruhitu experienced the wonderful blessing of God, then he will affect tremendously Christianity to evangelize the Japanese people.” Kim says idolatry runs rampant through Japan. “More than 8 million idols are in Japan. Japanese people worship many, many idols. So, Rev. Doctor Lee preached about why only Jesus Christ is our Savior. They came to understand that God is living, and the Bible is true, according to the message they have heard.”

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