Story number 4 for 27 Jan 2003

By January 27, 2003

(Haiti)–Meanwhile, we turn to Haiti, where a ministry is in the final stages of getting ready to launch their newest project. It’s the newest development in ‘Operation Saturation’, a ministry of Men for Missions, the layman’s voice of OMS International. Men for Mission’s Wayne King says they’re almost finished with the satellite uplink that should go live in April. “Once that is done, then we can begin the downlink process, [in] May 2003, and that will be covering the northwest portion of Haiti with the Gospel. What we really are looking at is then the rest of the country be covered in the first quarter of 2004.” King says the satellite uplink is the first step, but they have a second stage of the project where they need help. “In addition to that, of course, we have about 195-thousand solar powered radios yet to be distributed in those nine sectors.” Call our resource line if you’d like more details.

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