Story number 4 for 27 Jun 2003

By June 27, 2003

(Brazil)–Next, in spite of nearly flat economic growth and a growing poverty rate, Brazilian pastors and missionaries remain determined to get essential training. OC International’s Dick Duncan says they’re making sure the tools are available. “We provide information, training, follow-up so that they will have the kinds of tools they need. We don’t tend to repeat what seminaries do; we tend to be very practical, giving them tools that might be about how to develop a small group ministry, or do spiritual warfare, or counseling, or preach better.” Duncan says the challenge faced by believers creates a vibrant church. “Brazilians are among the most flexible, creative people in the world, and they make it work. They come up with resources or a new way of doing things so they do get the training they need. Clearly for the Brazilian missions movement, going out to other countries, it has been an additional challenge; but even so, Brazilians are making those sacrifices and getting missionaries over to other countries.”

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