Story number 4 for 27 May 2002

By May 27, 2002

(Philippines)–Meanwhile, a small people group in the northern Philippines will now be able to read at least one book of God’s word. The Seed Company’s Roger Hanna explains. “Recently, we started working together with the Majukayong translation committee. And, we’re excited to see that Mark has now been completed. And, we’re just praying that God would bless His Word so that all that read it would turn away from their worship of evil spirits and worship the true God. And, this is what the elders prayed at a recent celebration that they had for the book of Mark.” Hanna says this is just the beginning of Bible translation for the Majukayong (MAH-doo-KY-yong) and they need support. “There’s both needs for financial partners and prayer partners for this project. The committee is currently working on Acts and they’re currently making progress on that.”

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