Story number 4 for 28 Apr 2000

By April 28, 2000

Next, while Hurricane Mitch destroyed much of Honduras more than a year ago, the devastation didn’t effect evangelism and church planting. That’s the word from CAM International’s Harold Krause. Krause says as they assisted in relief aid, evangelism went right along with it. “Our philosophy is not just to help with physical needs, because that’s really just a Band-Aid if it’s not accompanied with spiritual help. So, we budgeted into our program right from the beginning to do evangelism, use the Jesus Film and it has really opened a lot of doors. We have about 40 new churches just with our mission in Honduras as a result of this.” Krause says the hurricane was key in this explosive church growth program. “God has used this to wake up His church. Many of our people had not been involved in evangelism as they ought to. Not only in Honduras, but also here in the United States. We had 45 work teams that came down, not just to do work, but to do evangelism.”

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