Story number 4 for 28 Jul 2003

By July 28, 2003

(Haiti)–Next, Haiti is the first country in the world to use a U-S based program aimed at stemming mother-to-child HIV/AIDS transmission. This is a breakthrough for the medical front, but there’s been an advance on the spiritual front, as well. Men For Mission’s Warren Hardig says they’re spearheading a evangelistic saturation for Haiti, adding, “It’s the largest project that Men For Missions has ever taken on, and, as a part of the OMS, it’s a hundred times larger than anything we’ve ever tried. There are actually two key ingredients to this project: one is prayer, then the second thing is the partnership.” Hardig says the partnership aspect comes with other agencies, but focuses on the indigenous church. While the task looms large, sharing the load makes it doable. “While it’s a seven-and-a-half-million dollar project, thirty dollars, sponsorship of a radio, partnering that way, could make it possible for as many as 21 people a day to hear the Gospel.”

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