Story number 4 for 29 Aug 2001

By August 29, 2001

(Venezuela)–Meanwhile, a personal trip to Venezuela turned into an audio scripture translation project for Audio Scripture Ministries’ President Ron Beery. ASM’s Tom Dudenhofer says Beery was able to record scripture in the Sanoma (sah-neh-MAH) language. “The availability of education is such that most of the people simply do not, can not and will not read. The scriptures in audio become a tremendous tool for evangelism because now the people can listen to God’s word and then go back over it and listen to it time and time again and actually allow God’s word to become part of their lives.” Dudenhofer says funding is needed to help this indigenous ministry. “They’re making do with what they have. But, it would be great if folks would pray and ask God to supply the four to five-thousand dollars that we think it would take to give them some recording equipment and some tape duplication equipment so that they can really begin to pursue the vision that God has given them.”

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