Story number 4 for 3 Dec 2001

By December 3, 2001

(El Salvador)–Next, Central America continues to reel after the impact of earthquakes, droughts and now, floods. Latin America Mission’s Ken MacHarg reports from San Salvador. “In Honduras, recent floods brought on by Hurricane Michelle have destroyed crops and left thousands homeless. Jeannette Quesada who directs an interdenominational relief and development effort says that after hurricane Mitch a few years ago, help came from around the world. Now, she says, with attention focused on Afghanistan and terrorism, not a penny has arrived to help out. In neighboring El Salvador, members of the Villa Hermosa Baptist church are continuing to provide medical and spiritual help following earthquakes in January and February. In addition to the medical work, Dr. Mario Palencia reports that evangelistic efforts in one town have resulted in nine professions of faith and two baptisms. He says that his church plans on starting a daughter church there in the near future. For Mission Network News, I’m Ken MacHarg in San Salvador, El Salvador.”

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