Story number 4 for 3 Jul 2003

By July 3, 2003

(Latin America)–Elsewhere, troubled children throughout Latin America are benefitting from targeted ministries. Latin America Mission’s Ken MacHarg reports. “Ana Maria Montoya is eleven years old and says she says that she is surprised by the number of girls who are pregnant in her hometown of Rionegro in Colombia. And, she says she is shocked by the number of girls her own age who are working as prostitutes. LAM missionary Bill Gibson reports that the reality has moved her to work in her church as a Sunday school teacher. She says, “If I give love, caring, kindness and respect to a child, he will be changed into a child that does good things in his home and in the streets.” Gibson, who works with Viva Network to serve and evangelize children said that a recent conference on children did a good job helping Colombian churches and leaders to know of their responsibility to provide ministry and services to children. For Mission Network News, I’m Ken MacHarg.”

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