Story number 4 for 3 Oct 2000

By October 3, 2000

Next, Christians from around the world gathered to share the Gospel in Sydney during the Olympic Games. Gospel Literature Services’ Dr. David Crandall says they had a half million booklets in 15 languages ready thanks to a cooperative effort. “Our logistics on this end of it was handled by the missionaries here and everything was prepared well for us and we have just had a very, very exciting time of witnessing and talking to folks on the street about the Lord.” Crandall says several dozen came to the Lord, adding that now, the real work begins. “We have produced a book called “The Ultimate Question” and that is going to be sent to every believer who has accepted Christ as personal Savior or those folks that seem to be very, very interested, we will send the book out. Then we’ll be in contact with missionaries around the world that live hear these folks and ask them, within two weeks, to make contact with them.”

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