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Published on 30 April, 2001

Story number 4 for 30 Apr 2001

(Kosovo)–Next, the people of Kosovo will be on the receiving end of physical and spiritual help in the days ahead. Operation Blessing International has a work team in the region to help rebuild homes. OBI’s Director of Relief and Medical Missions Richard Kohl says they’re helping to re-roof homes damaged by the Serbians. “We will be doing roofing work, putting beams back in. Putting roofs back in – shingles, trying to dry in structures that have had rain problems and things like that, to give the people a habitable place of residence.” Kohl says this trip isn’t just helping the Kosovars physically, but the team is also prepared to help spiritually. “Every member of this team is a committed believer, and carries their own testimony with them. In the past we have found that the towns people will come and work along side of us. And, it gives us a great opportunity for one on one sharing of the Gospel and sharing what we believe.” Pray their work will reap seeds of the Gospel.”

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  • Primary Language: Albanian, Gheg
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  • Evangelical: 0.0%
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