Story number 4 for 30 May 2003

By May 30, 2003

(International)–Next, the Barna Research Group study of the church over the last year reveals that while religious activity is on the rise, personal involvement in practical faith remains mainly unchanged. American Missionary Fellowship’s Lee Iseley says that describes their most difficult dilemma in outreach. “Our greatest challenge, really, is in terms of recruitment, finding people who are willing to commit themselves to the task of fulltime evangelism. As we find the need growing in America, we find our need for people in America to reach America, to be our number one challenge.” Iseley says once that challenge is met, there is another to be met through prayer and vision. “Pray for open doors of opportunity, that there would be the opportunity in various communities to go in and establish Bible learning communities, and secondly, for personnel to be going through those open doors and reaching people for Christ.”

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