Story number 4 for 4 May 2000

By May 4, 2000

Next, Mainstay Church Resources is reporting success in the most recent series of the 50-day Spiritual Adventure. Mainstay’s Randall Mains says not only do the participants study the life of Christ, they also learn how to minister to the community. “It’s a wonderful year in this new millennium to really focus ourselves on the Lord, to take a fresh look at Jesus Christ , and to see how attractive He really is, even today. I mean, Christ had something about Him that people really were attracted to back then, and He continues to have that same kind of magnetism today.” Mains says this year’s theme neatly dove-tailed with the national “Lighthouse” prayer movement. “The Adventure equips these 400-thosuand participants to start lighthouses of prayer, helping them to flesh out their faith in that area through practical action steps…which enabled them to, again, pray for, care for and share Jesus with their friends and neighbors.” This year’s Adventure has five national seasons, with the most popular at Lent and Easter up through Pentecost.

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