Story number 4 for 4 Oct 2002

By October 4, 2002

(USA)–Meanwhile, Halloween is right around the corner…and some believers think it’s the perfect time to jump in with both feet. American Tract Society President, Dan Southern believes that Halloween affords believers a time to make a significant evangelistic impact in their community. “Jesus said that we were to start our ministry in Jerusalem and then go to all of Judea, and I take that to mean that my Jerusalem is my neighborhood, my home.” Southern says this year, ATS has introduced a practical Halloween evangelism resource. They’re calling it the ‘Halloween Rescue Kit ‘and it has everything needed to reach 31 kids with the Gospel. “31-tracts with candy for 31 kids, 31stickers, 31 clear plastic bags. Stay home for two hours, have the best house on the block for Halloween, leave your lights on, answer the door, and share the life-changing Gospel of Christ.” Go to our website for more information. (ATS: 1-800-548-7228)

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