Story number 4 for 5 Jun 2000

By June 5, 2000

Meanwhile, Bethany Christian Services is working to help families along their adoption journey. A special program was piloted in Michigan in cooperation with many other agencies to help create ‘forever’ homes. BCS’s Jim Nelson. “The ‘Won by One’ program is built on the basis of collaborations with inner-agencies throughout the state. What we intend to do is to connect with service providers in the child welfare agencies to assist us in finding ‘forever’ homes for children who have been waiting for a substantial amount of time in foster care.” Nelson says it is in this avenue that the kids are exposed to Christ. “If you look at the central themes of the ‘Won by One’ program, it’s time, love from our Lord and Christ, commitment and sponsorship–and I think if you really look behind those concepts, there’s a foundation of spirituality that grounds and pulls those concepts in together for what we’re trying to do.”

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