Story number 4 for 5 Jun 2002

By June 5, 2002

(USA)–Meanwhile, the stage is set to produce a unique version of the Bible. Film the Bible’s David Rutherford says they have a three-step plan that will put the entire Bible on DVD. “We’ve raised several million dollars already and hope that over a five-year period of time we can raise the necessary revenue to begin the actual film process. So, Lord willing in eight years time we would be able to roll out the filmed Bible initially in English. Because of technology translation becomes very, very simple comparatively speaking.” The estimated price –about 10-million dollars a book. Rutherford says the video age will allow this to be a great evangelistic tool. “It’s only natural that God would take this vehicle, place His word on film so that millions could be thrilled by seeing the word of God come to life who otherwise may or may not see it, hear it or read it.” Volunteers are needed to help drum up support for this project.

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