Story number 4 for 5 May 2000

By May 5, 2000

Meanwhile, Audio Scriptures International is looking for technically savvy volunteers to help distribute the Bible in audio form. Audio Scripture’s Mark Hoekstra says they’ve been putting scripture in audio form on the internet, but not all of their material is accessible. He says that’s why they need volunteers. “A lot of people have computers and the MP3 encoder programs and they’re playing around with these things. And, so we’re soliciting many volunteers in America to convert the files from cassettes or the material that it’s on right now into format that can be put up on the internet.” Hoekstra says once that’s done scripture can be available to anyone in the world who has a computer. “We have portions of scripture in 85 languages on the web now. We have audio scriptures in over 300 languages. And I’d like to see everyone of them up there and made available.” Audio Scriptures is looking for up to 30 volunteers to help with this project.

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