Story number 4 for 5 Oct 2001

By October 5, 2001

(Ghana)–Meanwhile, an evangelical group is doing its part to help street children in Ghana West Africa get out of the streets. Pastor Nii Amoo Darku with African Enterprise in Ghana says there are thousands of young people that live on the streets. He says African Enterprise is helping them learn a trade. “We provide for their tuition. We provide the equipment and then after the child has finished their skill training we send them off to start something of their own.” Darku says while they’re training auto mechanics, welders, tailors and more they also want to: “…give them opportunities to hear the Gospel and it’s the child’s own option to choose. There is a hunger and a thirst for the Gospel in the whole society. People, because of the difficulties and the needs, are beginning to realize that it may be the only hope they have.” 110-dollars can provide tuition for one of these needy young people.

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