Story number 4 for 5 Sep 2002

By September 5, 2002

(Philippines)–Meanwhile, a Christian radio ministry is the catalyst for Bible study in the Philippines. Far East Broadcasting Company has aired Insight For Living there since 1987. IFL International’s Rolla Goodyear says FEBC has been holding what they call, “Cutting Edge Seminars”. “They just meet in different locations throughout the Philippines, at churches, where they invite special speakers and pastors to come in and just further the cause of the Gospel as well as teaching the truths of scripture to the Filipino people.” According to Goodyear, the training is having an impact on evangelism. “There is more willingness of the people to be bold in their faith, to share with their family and the friends and their neighbors. And, yet, in an area where it is a difficult area because of the extremist Muslim population there and it is a challenge for the people.” A large nationwide Cutting Edge event is scheduled for November 30th.

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