Story number 4 for 6 Aug 2002

By August 6, 2002

(USA)–Meanwhile, a radio ministry is launching a new web site that will help get people back to the Bible. Back to the Bible’s Woodrow Kroll says the website is called “Bible Discovery Center”. “It’s helping people discover the Bible for themselves. Giving them the tools to know how to take God’s word, open it everyday like I do every day, and find what is in there. Mine the wealth of gold that comes out of God’s word. And, we’re just about to launch it. It’s probably the most exciting thing we’ve done in several years.” Barna research indicates many people who claim Christ aren’t reading the Bible. Kroll believes that’s why evangelism isn’t flourishing in American churches today. “Until we spend some intimate time with God – come to see – getting our mind full of what His word says. Knowing Jesus is God. He’s alive. He’s a part of our lives today. Until we get our minds full of that we really don’t have anything to tell as disciples.” Go to BibleDiscoveryCenter-dot-org to learn more.

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