Story number 4 for 6 Jun 2000

By June 6, 2000

Next, women around the world are being encouraged to get more actively involved in the suffering church around the world through a new program. It’s called Women of the Way by Open Doors Ministries. Jane Huckaby heads up the WOW initiative. “There are wonderful conference that we have, radio broadcasts, news letters, news briefs that talk about what’s happening in the suffering church, but they wanted to do more. So, we decided that we need to really respond to them and provide for them an opportunity to serve more.” Huckaby says these chapters are encouraging persecuted believers to continue evangelism, which is a two-fold blessing. “It ministers to the women in America, and gives them an opportunity to do something for the suffering church. And, for those who are in persecuted areas, get the benefit of prayer, visits, letters and funds.”

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