Story number 4 for 6 Nov 2000

By November 6, 2000

We turn our focus next to Ecuador where the newest program launch is reporting success. Farms International’s Joseph Richter says they’re working with the Quichua Indians in the Andes Mountains. Richter says because life is a struggle in this area, pastors and other church leaders tend to migrate to the city to support their families. This is where Farms’ program comes in. “The Quichuas, who have been largely dependent on foreign funding, especially in Christian circles, have a real vision to regain their dignity and their self respect. We really feel that there’s going to be great success with this program, especially in the area of stewardship and supporting their local pastors and their local church.” Richter says Farms is providing loans to help build greenhouses in the area. “The way Farms increases evangelism is through the tithing and the giving of those project-holders in the program. When churches are adequately supported, then you see real outreach.”

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