Story number 4 for 7 Dec 2000

By December 7, 2000

Next, children are the focus of a Christmas outreach in Russia. Russian Ministries’ Andrew Semenchuk says they’re partnering with Samaritan’s Purse to provide gift packages to orphans and street children during their holiday on January 7th. Semenchuk says it’s called, “Save a Child and Change a Nation”. “This will involve 140,000 Christmas gift packages to the needy children. It will contain and article of clothing, food, fruit, candy, a toy, but they’ll receive Christian literature – Christian books, maybe a Children’s Bible.” Each gift box costs only 10-dollars, and Semenchuk is encouraging many to get involved because it has an evangelistic impact. “When they get a witness of Christ’s love expressed to them they become little missionaries for us. They work on their parents – witness to them about the Lord. If they’re in the orphanages immediately their testimony is felt.” Paving the way for Bible clubs in these government-run facilities.

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