Story number 4 for 8 Aug 2003

By August 8, 2003

(USA)–We turn next to ministry in Singapore. The island republic is a well-developed, bustling, economic success story. However, Patrick Delaney, a church planter with Baptist World Mission, says because of the diversity, there is much to be done in the work of Christ. “We started a church and now are in the process of transitioning by training a national whose been called into the ministry. We’re hoping to turn the work over to a national in about two and a half years’ time from now.” Delaney describes their biggest challenge as the struggle for the heart. He says many are caught in the grip of a vise made up of religion and wealth. “Those two sides of that vise squeeze the heart and soul of an individual making that heart less and less open to the truth and the light of the message of the Gospel.” The Delaneys are staying at D&D Missionary Homes in Florida while on furlough in the States. They return to Singapore in January 2004.

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