Story number 4 for 9 Aug 2002

By August 9, 2002

(Undated)–Meanwhile, Farms International is thanking God for answered prayer. Last month, we told you about a worker who was forced to leave his work in a hard-to-reach country because of threats against his family. However, Farm’s Steve Salowitz says this worker felt called to return and invited political leaders to his home for a party where he told them about his problem. “As he told them about the events, they all responded that this wasn’t something that really should have happened and it shouldn’t continue. So, they made an agreement and they decided to go after the guys who were responsible. They eventually ran them out of town successfully.” Salowitz believes this all took place because of the success of their micro enterprise program that helps the local church reach out. “We have large numbers of converts that have been reported to us, and baptisms. So, there is a people movement going on in this country and it’s so encouraging.”

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