Story number 4 for 9 Dec 1999

By December 9, 1999

Next, the holiday season is usually the time many churches in the United States gear up for helping the needy in their communities. New Focus National’s Jenny Forner says while that is helpful, there are many churches who believe it may be a different approach that will bring the best long-term results and change lives. “What I really want to challenge churches to is how are they going to minister to the families that they gave gifts to at Christmastime every single week throughout the next year. It’s important for churches to look at how they can build relationships with these people.” Forner adds that the key is the simplicity of the Gospel that allows the New Focus programs to work in the community. “There’s a lot of mentoring programs out there, but what’s unique about New Focus is we provide education, the mentoring, also the life skills that you need, and then it’s a matter of loving them like Christ would love them.”

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